Fishing Little Ponds

When I find a little pond like this, my heart starts to race.  It just looks SO "bassy." So, how do I fish this pond...... 

Light conditions, water color, wind, cover availability. There are many factors at play. Whenever I see a fishing spot like the one pictured, tall grass and healthy vegetation bordering slightly stained water on a nice sunny day, I immediately go to my weightless Texas-rig Senko. Color? I always start with something dark.  Dark colors are just easier for bass to see in dirty water.  

My first cast will be under any low hanging branches. I skip my senko right along the surface aiming for it to stop skipping and sink right under the branch. This disturbs the water just enough to catch a bass's attention but not spook it.  

If I don't see a tree around the water, I aim for tall grass first, then weed patches.  I aim to get my line as parallel to the grass line as possible. One trick I have learned is to tuck the tip of my hook back into the senko to make it weedless.  

Whether I am casting under a branch or along grass and weed beds, how I work my senko next is always the same. I immediately let my senko fall on slack line.  If a bass doesn't hit, I watch my line to tell me when the bait hits the bottom. When it reaches the bottom, I count between 5-15 seconds. This depends on my level of patience at the moment. I lift my rod tip just enough to pick up the senko off the bottom and often this will cause a reaction bite from a bass who swam over to see what just fell into their habitat.  

I work my senko back to me, varying the seconds in between “lifts” and when it’s about 5 feet from me I reel it completely in and recast. Don't be afraid to cast it right back at the same spot.  Also, when there is ample cover, you can try casting out to the middle but you will have more luck aiming for the grass line out to about 10 feet away from the grass line. 

If the water is clear or just lightly stained, any color will work but I would probably still start with a dark color first. If you have hit all of the usual spots and nothing has bit your senko, change to a light colored bait and cast to the same spots again. 

We hope you have found this article helpful and that you try it out next time your find a little pond. Best of luck!!!

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