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10-4 Tackle Sting'Em
006 Galactic Black

10-4 Tackle Sting'Em

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Inspired by the tail end of our 10-4 Stick’Ems, our Sting’Ems soft plastic baits are designed to be the perfect search bait.  At 3.5 inches long, they imitate feeding, dying or isolated baitfish making them an easy target for hungry bass.  Sting’Ums are unsalted. This means they float giving you complete control of its descent rate with the weight you choose.  

As a search bait, we recommend fishing them Texas-rigged on a 2/0 wide gap hook with a 1/8oz bullet weight and bead.  Cast them out into open water and use a jerk, jerk, pause action to lure in unsuspecting fish. It will look like a clueless baitfish chasing after your weight.  Start high in the water column and work your way down to the bottom. Or, you can peg your weight right next to the bead. Let your Sting’Um fall to the bottom and drag it in a “head-down” position across rocks or sand to simulate a fish feeding on the floor.  Stop dragging and now it looks like a dying baitfish making its last effort to swim.

Grab a pack today and throw them in your tackle bag.  Explore your own ways to fish our Sting’Ems.  

  • 3.5 inch soft plastic bait

  • Mimics feeding, dying or fleeing baitfish

  • Unsalted for maximum descent control

  • Floating 

  • Manufactured in the great state of Texas in the United States of America

  • Quantity: Pack of 10

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