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Stanley Black Magic Vibra-Shaft Spinnerbait
Black Neon Transparent Blue Blade

Stanley Black Magic Vibra-Shaft Spinnerbait

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The Black Magic Vibra Shaft is the ideal night time spinnerbait. It has the patented Vibra-Shaft tapered wire that transfers all the vibration to the tip of the wire where the blades are. The single Colorado blades on it are specially made for this bait. They have a deeper cup in them than standard spinnerbaits. They have a size bigger blade on them than the standard weight size for a Colorado spinnerbait. With the deeper cup blade that is one size bigger and the Vibra-Shaft wire, you get a great night time spinnerbait that is going to put off a lot of vibration at a much slower controllable speed. The Black Magic Vibra-Shaft is unmatched in water displacement. Moving more water with less effort makes a great spinnerbait. That’s what you feel when you reel the bait back in. If it makes it that far! Please be advised, the item pictured is the black neon variation of this product. Please make sure you have selected the correct blade color and skirt color combination before ordering.


  • Patented Vibrashaft wire puts vibration at the tip of the wire

  • Customized Colorado blade for more vibration at slower speeds

  • Stanley Jigs are all proudly made in the great United States of America

  • Weight: 1/2oz

  • Quantity: 1 per package

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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