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Outkast Touchdown 2 Jig
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Outkast Touchdown 2 Jig

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There are times when fish just can’t resist a lure dragged on the bottom, and the Touchdown 2 Jig may just imitate a crawfish better than the real thing. The Touchdown 2 Jig is 10-4 Tackle’s top pick for “football” style jigs. Recessed eye placement protects your knot and allows the “football” head design to truly do its job. The Outkast Touch Down 2 Jig springs to action with the lightest pressure on the line and stands up like a crawfish trying to defend itself. As you slowly drag the Outkast Touch Down 2 Jig along the bottom, it crawls, slowly transmitting the bottom composition to your rod and allowing you to pinpoint the “spot on the spot.” This technique will surely put more big fish in your boat by season’s end. Outkast jigs are designed with a double-barb keeper, which locks your trailer of choice in place so you spend more time fishing.




  • Recessed eye placement on “football” head

  • Great for dragging

  • Stands up like a crawfish defending itself

  • Double barb keeper to lock trailer in place

  • Quantity - 1 per pack

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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