10-4 Tackle was founded in 2019 by Sheng and Jeff Auksel, whom both share a passion for fishing and general outdoorsmanship.  Jeff is a veteran of multiple overseas tours and Sheng is a music teacher by day and a bass slayer by night...and early morning.  10-4 Tackle is based out of the central region of the Great State of Texas, known for its great music, great bbq, and great bass fishing.  

We believe that fishing is an important and multifaceted skill used by people all over the world for survival, life lessons, and a sense of pride and community.  We also believe fishing is a great opportunity to give back to our great state parks and public lands. In addition to classes taught to introduce youths to fishing, we also teach land conservation methods, the benefits of catch and release practices and how to assist in keeping a healthy fish population in our local waters.

Our family stands by the products that we sell.  We do our best to test the claims of every product that we offer and will provide HONEST feedback when we feel that we are experienced enough with the product to do so.  Look for our owner statements under the descriptions of each product that we have tested. We’ll give you tips on how to use the product, and the best ways to land that dream catch.

You can’t catch every fish, but you can sure as hell try.  10-4 good buddies.

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